Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bowling Pins Candy Purses

Hello, friends;
Last Saturday, October 6th we celebrated my twin girls birthday party...they turn 10!!
They wanted a birthday party at the bowling alley with their best friends...but they were all GIRLS, no BOYS.
I was very excited when planning their party; is so easy to create things for girls, don't you think?
I used my ARTISTE to cut the purses for the candy and use PHOTOSHOP to create the bowling pins I used to decorate the purses.
This is my final creation:
This is not a 100% CTMH creation, but I wanted to share it with you. B&T used are papers I had at home as well as the cardstock used for the purses.
I have uploaded the pins and a sheet with the word STRIKE for those of you interested in creating something like this.
Once you download the bowling pins sheet, you have to use a black marker or pen to continue the black line where the yellow/pink stripes are.
For the bowling ball, I cut a 2-1/2" circle from black CS and three 1/2" circles to match each purse; adhere as in the picture and cut off the extra from the bottom. The three dots were adhere using foam tape; STRIKE was cut using an oval punch.
Hope you enjoy this!!
Have FUN creating!!



  1. Those are just stinking cute! I'd have thrown a strike to get one!

  2. Adorable!!!

    I can't believe th girls are 10! Happy Birthday!

  3. Thanks, ladies...I did have Fun with these ones!

  4. Nena no las habia visto! T quedaron bien bonitas, me encantan!

    1. Nena...y donde estabas tu que no las habias visto? jajajaja! TQM!