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"Inking from the Heart...the SCHOOL"
This online classes site is for both consultants as well as non-consultants alike.

Are you...
...someone who loves paper crafting and creating your own handmade projects and cards, but don't consider yourself very creative?
...someone who waste both time and money trying to come up with something such as a simple card or project? Money, because of all the trials and errors. Time, just trying to figure out the right measurements.
...a consultant who would like to come up with great projects for your gatherings, classes and /or clubs that would "WOW" your customers without having to do it all on your own?
Well, if you answered, "YES" to any one of those questions, then "Inking from the Heart...the SCHOOL" is perfect for you!
As a consultant and crafter for 8 years+, I believe in providing "doable" projects for my customers. The projects I come up with for my classes and gatherings are just that - "DOABLE", as you will see from some samples I have posted in my blog as well as those cute free tutorials that you have access to when visiting my blog, HERE!
You will get easy to follow measurements and "how to's" with step-by-step photos included.  
I GUARANTEE you will get a lot of good projects and ideas for your money...Get started now!!
After you've made your purchase using Pay-Pal, you will receive an email within 24-48 hours once your payment has been received.
This email will have important information about the login process.
You will also received, within the same time frame, an email from with an invitation for you to join the private site [accessible to members only]. 
Please note, the cost is to access a private site with tutorials for each project and does not include any of the materials for making any of the projects...this keep the cost down! As a consultant, you will have the opportunity to order the supplies yourself.
If you are not a consultant, you can also order the supplies used on the projects by visiting my online CTMH store at:
Sample one of my tutorials for FREE!!
CLICK HERE for your FREE PRIVATE LINK to one of the tutorials featured in my online classes site.
The price is $35.00 to join and to have access to the site for the duration of a whole year [starting to count on the day you join].
** The site is opened 24/7 **
** Projects will stay active and accessible for a whole year **
** You can download and save the projects to your computer for future reference **
**If you prefer, you can also print the tutorials on the spot **
Where in the world are you going to find a deal like this?

These are members' testimonials:

** Cecilia Cummings **
"Thanks for the warm welcome Madeline. I am a CTMH consultant in New Minas, NS.
A friend sent me your site, so I HAD TO JOIN your school. Love the projects I've seen so far. Thanks again, Cel"

** Stacey Blankenbaker **
"Awesome...just filled out all the information for registration! Sorry if I seemed hasty...but I love all of your work and am very excited to see the tutorials and start creating" :) Thanks again!

** Brenda Price **
"I don't say it nearly enough, but thanks so much for
sharing your wonderful creativity. Simply the best!!"
But wait, there is will get a mini kit of some supplies mailed to your address [the same address from your Pay-Pal account] when you register!!
Like what you've seen so far?
Don't wait any longer, register to start accessing wonderful projects like this one:


I would love to have you as a member in my site.
Thanks for trusting me!!



  1. Maddy I tried your Free link for a sample class and it wouldn't let me in. If you have a new link that would be great. Thanks

  2. Maddy, I love you idea and wondered how many project would be included for the year subscription.


  3. Is this site still available I signed up for the online classes with paypal and 21st of Oct 2013 and I have not heard from in one if this is not still available please refund my 35.00. Thanks Mary Ullman

  4. Maddie I signed up for your online classes Oct 21 2013 using PayPal and as of today I still have not received any acknowledgment from you if these classes are not still available would you please refund my 35.00.
    Mary Ullman

  5. I am in LOVE with your cards & more basket. Is this project one of the ones that you have in 'school'? I saw one that Jane made and it's posted on pinterest.