Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Deal to get a Free TUTORIAL

Hello, friends;

I decided to start a new system to sell my cards and give you, at the same time, the chance to get a bonus tutorial of your choice with each card you buy.
So, from now on, all of my tutorials are available as a bonus with the purchase of a handmade card.
I'm going to be honest...signing up as a CTMH consultant was so excited to me that I didn't go through the whole policy manual..."is not going to be that bad", I thought.
But I made a mistake and was selling tutorials, which is a policy not allowed by the company.

Well, I work very hard for each tutorial and wanted to do something viable for you and me regarding the tutorials I have for sale in my blog.

I heard about some consultants selling "kits"...I am not too agreed with that for few reasons: shipping a kit is more expensive than shipping a card, and also, I don't believe in selling CTMH supplies to a consultant when she can pay for those herself and make her quota.

However, I'm more likely to sell cards because shipping is a lot less expensive and I won't have those cards around with no purpose. Cards you buy can be used as samples for gatherings, classes, and/or workshops; you can also use them for any last-minute-ocassions when needing a card.
Hope this make sense to you.

Thanks for your support!

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